What is Pegasus Spyware and how can we save your device

Pegasus Spyware: Nowadays, what happens in the age of social media and technology, people are not aware of what happens, but still, people are surrounded by technology all day but they do not care a bit about their safety, nowadays everything is online, so there is danger too. It has increased a lot, in such a situation, new types of viruses have also come on the market, which can happen in your mobile even if you do not know, there is such spyware whose name is Pegasus, today we will give you information about this and will tell. How can I avoid this

What is Pegasus

Pegasus is spyware that has been made by a company in Israel named NSO Group, now some people may not know what is spyware, after all, spyware can be called a virus, then you can say that this computer There is a program that can steal all the data from your phone to the computer or from any device that you use and you will not even know.

how is it used

Although usually it has not been used on any common person yet, but it was once used on Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, due to which he was blackmailed, now you must be thinking that hacking the phone of such a big person Yes it is true, let’s now know this whole story from which you will know how it is used.

This thing happened many years ago when Jeff went to meet the PM of Israel when he stayed with him and came back from him but he gave his number to the prime minister there as soon as his number reached the prime minister Jeff a few days later A video comes on WhatsApp on WhatsApp and their mobile gets hacked and all their data whatever was in their phone is hacked, now you must be thinking that just by sending a video, mobile hack yes, not only this now Read more Pegasus is such a Spyware that your mobile WhatsApp call, video, the message can go to your phone in any way.

Now you must be thinking that this is quite a terrible thing, yes it is right but it is not dangerous for the common people because the company who made it, says that it should be done only by big ministers of big governments or some high officials. They use it only in the mobile of the value person, as well as they told that they do not sell it to everyone, they have given it to only a few people so far and its price is also so much that it is not a matter of any common man.

Should we buy Pegasus and what does it cost?

Let me tell you this Israel’s company cyber-arms company NSO Group was created and they have to say clearly that they do not give this computer software to everyone like this, this spyware is given only to the government agency and only government It does not mean that it is on any government post, then give it to you, by this I mean it can be given to the government, for which it has some rules and conditions.

And as for the price, the New York Times reported in 2016 that NSO Group charged customers $500,000 to install just the software and $650,000 to get into 10 devices. The report also said that infiltrating 10 Android devices would cost an agency $650,000

By the way, if you are reading this post, then now you would like to know how can we avoid spyware, by the way, for your information, let me tell you there is no need to be afraid of it, and if 1 percent out of 1000 is accepted, then this is such a thing. Spyware that destroys itself before you know it

So always be alert and if you found any information given by us, tell us in the comment and if you have any questions related to it, then definitely ask us, we will definitely answer your question.


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