SpaceX Falcon 9 launches 54 Starlink satellites into orbit

SpaceX, which is the world’s largest rice company, is unaware that they have been working on Sterlink for the past several years, but today they said something in a tweet and also shared a video.

Watch the video in which you will clearly see how the satellite is being launched into orbit.

The same he tweeted minutes later and revealed that Starlink’s launch of the Falcon 9 is now targeted for Saturday, September 17th at 8:43 PM. ET as the weather remains unfavorable for tonight’s launch attempt

After all, what does Elon Musk want to do under Sterlink and why is he launching it?

Elon musk wants to provide a network through satellite in this whole world, which he has made possible, nowadays you can see his satellite in many places in Assam, it was seen in India and China and other countries also.

what are its benefits Starlink
It has many advantages but what we know is that if Sterlink is successful then whatever area does not have a network facility today and the network is not able to reach properly, through this the network will also be able to reach there.

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