Ship taller than Eiffel Tower will construct largest offshore wind farm


Together with its 130-metre-long legs, the Voltaire wind turbine set up vessel is 336 metres excessive. It’s on its method from China to the North Sea, the place it should set up big new generators at Dogger Financial institution


4 January 2023

A ship taller than a skyscraper is heading to the North Sea to construct the world’s largest offshore wind farm at Dogger Financial institution, off the north-east coast of England.

The Voltaire “jack-up” ship – so known as as a result of it deploys its 4 130-metre-long legs to face on the ocean flooring – reaches 336 metres, simply taller than the Eiffel Tower. Its primary deck crane can carry wind turbine elements weighing 3200 tonnes – greater than 22 instances the load of the Statue of Liberty’s copper and iron physique. “Our vessel has been designed particularly to put in the best offshore constructions …


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