Physicists ought to take time to ponder the strangest concepts


There are different methods to elucidate wave-particle duality than Albert Einstein’s, however we do not train them. Excluding the conceptual challenges of quantum mechanics from the classroom limits our college students, says Chanda Prescod-Weinstein


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4 January 2023

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QUANTUM physics – recognized to practitioners as quantum mechanics – is a topic that physicists be taught in a fairly peculiar method. All of us be taught to calculate utilizing its mathematical framework, however that doesn’t imply we will actually clarify what all of it means. If we go far sufficient in our training, we get the chance to see simply how precisely these calculations match experimental outcomes, so we be taught to belief that they’re appropriately describing actuality.

However how can a cat be each alive and useless inside a field earlier than we have a look at it? We will do calculations which can be per this …


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