Parasites evaluate: An enchanting tour of supremely profitable invaders


Parasites get in every single place. From 30-metre-long tapeworms in blue whales to leeches dwelling in hippos’ anuses, Parasites: The within story explores what its authors consider is probably the most profitable way of life on Earth


4 January 2023

The broad fish tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium sp., that infected this Alaskan brown bear, escapes out of the host's anus. 2007. Photograph by Scott Davis. Used with permission.

A broad fish tapeworm escapes out of the anus of its host, an Alaskan brown bear

Scott Davis

Parasites: The within story

Scott L. Gardner, Judy Diamond and Gabor Racz (Princeton College Press)

WHAT goes on the listing of probably the most considerable dwelling issues on Earth? Parasites ought to absolutely make the reduce. They dwell inside us and plenty of different animals, in addition to in crops and fungi, and slip beneath the radar whereas infiltrating virtually each meals internet and ecosystem. They’re mind-bogglingly numerous, with hardy and generally extraordinary methods of dwelling and …


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