NASA’s X-59 aircraft will attempt to quietly break the pace of sound in 2023


NASA and Lockheed Martin’s strange-looking X-59 aircraft is ready to fly early in 2023, and it’s designed to interrupt the sound barrier quietly reasonably than creating an enormous sonic increase


3 January 2023

A composite image showing what NASA's X-59 plane will look like

A composite picture displaying what NASA’s X-59 aircraft will appear like when it tries to interrupt the sound barrier quietly

Lockheed Martin

NASA’s experimental X-59 aircraft is scheduled to take to the skies early in 2023 to see if it will possibly break the sound barrier with out creating an enormous sonic increase. If it really works, it might result in the return of economic airliners that may journey quicker than the pace of sound, as Concorde used to do.

The X-59, which can take off from Palmdale, California, is constructed by Lockheed Martin …


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