Nasa: Russia completes Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft installation at launchpad US-Russia Space Mission

MS-22 spacecraft: now on ground the ties between the united states and russia are at its lowest due to the ongoing war in Ukraine but for their space program it seems that the battle on ground is not having any impact and that the long-standing collaboration between the united states

and russia and operating the international space station it appears to be on a solid footing here now at uh the baikonur cosmodrome a space launch facility in kazakhstan the

spacecraft was installed at the launch pad ahead of its upcoming launch schedule on the 21st of september which will carry the new international space station crew the crew on board will consist of u.s astronaut frank rubio and two russian cosmonauts sergey prokopyev and dmitry peterling

now this has been possible as nasa this was made possible as nasa and the Russian space agency ross cosmos signed an agreement back in July the agreement allowed the Russian cosmonauts to fly on a us-made space spacecraft in exchange for the American astronauts being able to ride on

russia’s soyuz spacecraft i think it’s an incredibly important mission our partnership between nasa and Russia cosmos has been ongoing for a long time and it’s really been a good and strong relationship and i think this crew stop really represents the

ongoing effort of tremendous teams on both sides and amazing people that make this happen i think it’s important when we’re at moments of uh possible tension



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