Microsoft Today we are going to give you detailed information about Microsoft company as well as tell you which person is this company and what kind of specialties it provides and we will talk about its partner products and we are going to give you its review.

Now who has not heard this name in today’s world, this person today who has made his name in the world and has prepared a software like Microsoft at his young age, yes you are right, we are going to talk about Bill Gates. owns microsoft

Before knowing about Microsoft, let us know when it started, it is a matter of 4 April 1975 in the United States, it is headquartered at a place called Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Let’s know what is microsoft

Microsoft provides one of the world’s largest computer software such as cloud services, software, video games, computers, laptops, Windows and many more software, about which we will tell you today in this article.

What Microsoft means

When Bill Gates became its CEO, he had a friend who suggested him to name it Microsoft as micro and soft means micro computer software.

Nowadays, all the computers and laptops we use, all people use Microsoft, there are many products in Microsoft which you have to give subscription and you can use them.

Now some people do not understand what is the difference between Microsoft and Windows, today we solve this question for them too.

Microsoft is a company that comes out with some software in its own name, such as the most famous one is the software named Microsoft 365, it is a bundle of software in which you get all the software and tell that window is an operating system like you are a If you use mobile, then mobile has Android, iPhone has iOS, in the same way computer and laptop have operating system OS, which we also call window, now it is not so, window will be only of Microsoft, nowadays different big companies have their own. New new window has been introduced in the market

What Is Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is such a software that you can install in your computer and laptop because it is a software in which you get many different types of software and we tell you in detail.

Often this question comes in the mind of people that what are the products in Microsoft.

First of all, let us tell you that Microsoft is also available for mobile and also for computer, whatever you want to use in whatever way you use, then its 4 plans are available (Check it out )Personal and family plans, Business, , Enterprise, Education.

Let’s talk about its basic, Microsoft Office release date is 19 November 1990, now let us tell you that Microsoft 365 is called Microsoft Office.

By the way, many products of Microsoft company have come in the market, Microsoft has its own app software browser, you must have heard the name of one of its most popular browser Microsoft Edge.

Now some people get confused here, they still do not know that the web browser is the search engine but my brother it does not happen that the search engine is different and the web browser is different as you must have seen that your mobile would have a popular browser. yes chrome is that browser but when you put google in it it is search engine that is the only small difference i think everything must be clear

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