Malaysian Bay – 10 Best Malaysian in San Francisco Bay Area

If you are looking for something special among all the restaurants in San Francisco by Malaysian Bay, then you have come to the right place /site/thepiratebay1org/Malaysian-bay,, etc. Today we will give you information about some numbered restaurants.

The Best 10 Malaysian in San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • osha thai bbq
  • Asian American food company
  • Aman cafe
  • Damansara
  • Nayonya cafe
  • IPOH garden Malaysian cafe
  • Layang laying
  • Curry Leaves Bistro
  • Satayman
  • Mingala Restaurant
  • Banana Island
  • Banana Leaf Restaurant

OSHA Thai bbq


Overall rating 12 reviews

Official Website –

Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users  – San Francisco, you be sleeping on this oasis of a Thai restaurant! What are you doing? Get your beautiful little butt looking cute and come out here with friends. I was a loner for lunch but it didn’t matter cuz I didn’t want anyone else to see me going to town on those beef noodles (except for the staff, they got a show). Err My Gawd! The beef broth was so good and they gave me a choice of little noodles or big flat ones. I also ordered the cucumber salad and Mango Mother-Loving Sticky Rice! Both were solid choices. High-quality ingredients and robust delicious flavor. Will come back for sure.

PS: you get 10 extra bonus points if you notice the butt chair in the background of my photo. 10/10 would recommend it

Asian American Food Company

Overall rating 211 reviews

Official Website –

Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users -This place feels like a secret society. Knock three times on the first freezer and pat your head twice for lamb dumplings. Knock twice on the second freezer and then make 4 clicking sounds with your mouth for beef pancakes.

Ok, ok, I’m just kidding. But that’s what it FEELS like you should do. Instead, if you don’t speak Mandarin, point to the item you want on the menu on the freezer, and hold up your hand to show how many you want.

In my opinion, the best item they sell is the Beef Pancake. I could eat one every day and still never have enough. Luckily this place is on my way home from work so I can come here all the time. If you love dumplings, beef pancakes, chive pancakes, etc. skip the TJ’s frozen aisle and come here instead. Often times cheaper and I guarantee you they are way better. Once you go inside you’ll know you’re about to hit the freezer jackpot by watching the ladies in the back make the dumplings.

Be sure to read their website on how to cook each item. My first one was a major fail and I wound up with a pile of beef pancake parts. But you know what? It still tasted awesome. I think my problem may have been that I didn’t hit the pan hot enough in the beginning. kingofchinesedumpling. co…

PSS- Their website has their Food Inspection card posted, 100!!! yay, clean dumplings!

Aman Cafe

Overall rating 54 reviews

Official Website –

Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users – Aman Cafe is a relatively new restaurant located on the same block as Brenda’s. We stumbled upon it by accident, and so glad that we did. The environment was very laid back. I loved the spacious seating! The food was delicious! Fairly priced, very filling, and delicious! Aman Cafe serves Malaysian food, which is reminiscent of south Asian food. If you like Indian and Pakistani food, then definitely try Aman Cafe


Overall rating 13 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users – Pop-up turned actual restaurant!
Come and support this wonderful new venture by Tracy!
Malaysian flavors
Well executed by the staff
Definitely get the fried chicken with rice Krispy crunch
Laksa noodle soup
And the Gai Lan vegetable served cold with onion and oyster sauce
Finish off with cassava cake and walk to the car a happy camper!
JYW recommends!

Nayonya cafe

Overall rating 203 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users – I have been craving to try Malaysian food and I was lucky that this was the first place I tried in the Bay Area. It was recommended by a Malaysian friend who said that this place is better than 3 other Malaysian restaurants he has tried in the Bay Area. If you stop by make sure to try Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa

IPOH garden Malaysian cafe

Overall rating of 508 reviews
Official Website – —
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By UsersLois L. said“I started getting food from here during the beginning of the stay-at-home orders. They gave huge discounts if you paid in cash. However, within a short while, that stopped. Their food is pretty good. However, Once I ordered California…

Layang layang

Overall rating 1061 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By UsersGuru P. said“UPDATE: Sorry for the late update. One week ago the owner of the restaurant called me back, apologized to me for the error, and promised that he will make sure that this will not be repeated. He offered me two free Biryanis, a discounted…

Curry Leaves Bistro

Overall rating 92 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users – Very authentic Malaysian food.  Definitely happy to recommend this place to my friends.


Overall rating of 160 reviews
Official Website –

Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By UsersYou can never go wrong with authentic Malaysian food! I used to work at a Malaysian restaurant and loved all the food they had! You need to try their Rendang Chicken or Beef. Rendang is a dried curry-type dish, but so flavorful! with Coconut Rice!!!! it’s So good! Their satay chx beef and lamb is also yummy with the peanut sauce!  Also if you eat here, ask for the Belachan Sauce aka Hot shrimp paste! It goes well with everything!

Mingala Restaurant

Overall rating 42 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users – I’ve had Malaysian food before and it was good. This place isn’t. It didn’t taste anything like the other Malaysian places I been to, which is fine but their food is horrible. We ordered take out and the prices are very high for such a little amount of food. But then again, I wouldn’t want more of their food because it’s not good. We ordered roti – that was good. Pad thai with shrimp and squid – it didn’t have any flavor other than very spicy. It had 1 piece of squid in the whole dish. The Cafe Baby Short Ribs – gross. It was too sweet with a strong burnt flavor. I love coffee so I can tell the difference between coffee and burnt food, this was definitely burnt flavor. We had an Eggplant, Okra, And Green Bean dish that was horrible. The vegetables were severely undercooked and old. I couldn’t even bite into the eggplant because it was old and raw. The Butter Rice and Coconut Rice were good. Overall, I would never eat here again. Even if it was for free, I would never eat their food. It’s disgusting!

Banana Island

Overall rating of 1582 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By UsersCan C. said“I was going to give this place 3 stars, but they had two aspects that bumped this review to a 4. I came here with my boyfriend and a few other friends. I have heard about the dish called “drunken noodles” or pad kee mao, so I

Banana Leaf Restaurant

Overall rating 2900 reviews
Official Website –
Malaysian Bay Restaurant Review By Users -My favorite for Malaysian food. Great service also!

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