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Google released Google Web Stories about a year ago, but then people made a lot of money from Web Stories and recently Google has changed some policies of Web Stories, due to which people are still not understanding. What should they do, who were working hard for web stories for the last one year, their traffic has suddenly gone down, so today in this article we will give you information about some tips and policies.

For the last few months, web developers are facing many problems related to web stories like how to start them and the traffic of the people who have started is down, so what can we do for this.

What is the new Google Web Stories policy Update 2022

Google Web Story Content Policies: Google has clearly said that if you want to get your web stories in Google Search (Discover), then you have to follow all the policy of Google and if you do not do this or you violate any policy then you will always have to contact Google. will be fired for permanently

Let’s know how we can rank Google Web Stories by point wise keeping in mind the policy of Google

  1. Copyrighted content : Now whether it is about articles or web stories, it is not only Google but other platforms also tell you clearly that you do not have to use copyrighted content. The first condition of Google is that you do not have to use copyrighted content if you If you want to rank your article or web stories, then do not get into anyone’s talk and always write original content.
  2. heavy Text Web Stories : Google has made it clear in its policy that developers who use a lot of text in their web stories should not do it anymore because the policy says that web stories of more than 180 words will not be indexed, you can go as low as possible. use fewer words
  3. low quality property(Image Video) : It is clear in the policy that you should always use good and high quality images and videos, this will give you a good ranking, as well as your web stories will be fast indexed, if you do not do this then you will not be done.
  4. unfinished stories : Always, whenever you are putting stories, then you should keep in mind that you have to complete the web stories, you do not have to give half-incomplete information, if you do this then it is against the policy and your stories will not be indexed.
  5. highly professional :This is the final policy, let us tell you that Google does not allow you to make your web story only and only to put paid links and third party advertisements, you should not use more affiliate links and do not always run against the policy of ads. place display ads

If you follow all these steps and policy, then your stories will definitely be indexed, if you have found any information given by us, definitely tell us and if you have any question then you can contact us.


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