How to Center(Drop) a Pin on the Map on iPhone

In iPhone, you get many features as well as its unique features which make it different from all the mobiles in the market and because of having so many features, the customer gets confused that how to use all the features In this article we will tell you. We will guide you about a similar feature that when you travel, let’s know how to pin your location on the map on your iPhone.

As you all know, iPhone has Apple Map and this feature on Apple to mark a certain place as well as share it with your family and your friends, how to leave a PIN, let’s understand stepwise.

First of all, you have to select open your maps, if your location service is on it will show you your current location, navigate to your map and search for the place you are looking for.

Once you’ve zoomed in on that location to the exact coordinates and just press down on that spot, you’ll see a red circle with a black pin in it or a red circle with a white pin in it and a box at the bottom of the screen. will appear. containing all the details.

In that box you will see 3 buttons, click on the third button which is three dots and it is next to the move button.

A menu will open in which you will see various options like Add to Favorites and Share.

If you want to add that place to your Favorites list, then select the Add to Favorites option, after doing so, drag up the bottom box of the screen, and you will see your Favorites and Recent list, Recent you have got A “Dropped Pin” will appear at the pinned location.

If you want to share that location then select the share option from the above menu, after selecting a box will show you all options through which you can share your coordinates, and also you will get a copy option will appear.

Here you have pinned and shared your location on your iPhone via Apple Maps.


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