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Today we have come for you by playing a dangerous game, by playing which you are going to enjoy a lot, whose name is happy wheels unblocked, you must have heard its name but now you can play it easily on our website.

happy wheels unblocked Game Play Now

Happy Wheels Game it is completely ready you can play it

What Are happy wheels unblocked?

Happy wheels unblocked

Happy Wheels Game is an online racing game in which you get to see the 8 mods together Happy Wheels Unblocked is made by Fancy Force Happy Wheels is one of the very famous games which is kept in the list of Top 10 Unblocked Games You can use different vehicles, this is one of the graphic volant games, you can play with different characters in it, if you are weak hearted then you may not be able to play this game Happy Wheels Unblocked is quite a terrible game

In whichever mode you select, you will get to see different characters and vehicles, and Happy wheels have 8 modes in it Obstacle course?, Gut Run Extreme!, BMX park 2, Snowy mountain final, down of death 1v1, A target Satan eats 2, It Keeps Happening, Traps trace

How to Play Happy Wheels Unblocked

Keep these buttons and things in mind before ejection

You can increase the speed with the up arrow key.
Can go in reverse with a down arrow key
lean back with LEFT ARROW KEY
lean forward with the right arrow key
eject with Z key
Shift key – to rotate the jet clockwise
Rotate the jet counterclockwise with the Ctrl key
fire jet from space key

You have to take care of these buttons after ejection

straighten arms and legs with the up arrow key
curl into a ball with the down arrow key
Push back all joints except the head with LEFT ARROW KEY
Straighten your legs and press your arms forward with the right arrow key
Raise Arm 1 and Leg 2 with the Shift Key
Raise Arm 2 and Leg 1 with the Ctrl key
hold with the space key

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