Happy Ending Massage – Step Wise Massage Guide

Are you looking for a happy ending massage, don’t worry, you are in the right place, we have told you many such tips and methods by which you will be able to have a happy ending massages which will prove to be very pleasant for you.

Let us know how to do a happy ending massage and we will explain this method to you through some steps as well as show you some images so that you can easily understand.

benefits of massage

Massage has many advantages, the first of which is that your body gets rest, stimulates circulation, and reduces emotional stress, etc.

Step Wise Method

  1. use the right Technique
  2. keep a comfortable setting
  3. full body massage

use the right Technique


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learn stroke

Which relaxes the soft muscle tissue. Your hands should slide smoothly across the surface of the body. Petrissage involves squeezing and rotating the muscles between your hands, which is useful for reducing muscle tension. Friction is the use of deep motions administered with steady pressure to rub tissues against each other and stimulate circulation. Tapotement is a staccato tap performed with the sides or heels of the hands.

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Focus on muscles, not bones

Whenever you give happy ending massage, use your hands to properly massage the muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet. Use gentle touch to locate the soft, fleshy, muscles, Knead, never put pressure on the person’s bones, especially the spine and tailbone,

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never put too much pressure

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When you apply the right amount of pressure the muscles are able to move and relax under the skin. It is difficult to apply pressure using the hands, if you get tired after a while. So you try using a tennis ball instead of your hands. Place the ball against the muscle you’re massaging and use your hand to roll it gently against the body.

happy ending massage step 3

massage gently

Note that you should always use steady, uniform strokes when massaging, rather than quick jerky motions. Divide the total massage time into all the parts of the body you are happy ending massaging. If you plan to take an hour for the massage, spend 15 minutes on the neck, 15 on the back and shoulders, 15 on the arms, 5 on the legs and 10 minutes on the legs.

happy ending massage step 4

Keep talking to the person you are giving the massage to

Whenever you are giving a massage to a person, you always have to keep talking to him so that he can enjoy the massage.

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