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Today we are going to tell you about HAC20, what is Home Access Center and how to login in it and what is it used for

Let us tell you that HAC20 is a website of the PowerSchool Software company but now you must be wondering what is PowerSchool. PowerSchool is the leading K-12 education technology provider of solutions that improve the education experience for 100 million students, teachers, and parents in over 70 countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience

Let me tell you, this is only for the people of the United States, how to login on to hac20 and what are its rules, let’s know in detail

Please Visit This URL For Login – Login

Select West Fork School District and enter your username and password

Please Visit This URL To Register – Register

All parents on hac20 read our guide to login and register

  • The Home Access Center (HAC) is a service that enables parents and other legal guardians to examine their child’s academic records online. Your login and password shouldn’t have changed if you used the system last year.
  • Typically, parent and guardian usernames are first initial. last name. John Karnes’ username, for instance, would be j.karnes
  • Click the “lost password” option if a parent or guardian has previously logged into HAC but cannot remember their password. To reset the password, enter the HAC username or email address.
  • Please get in touch with your student’s school if a parent or guardian hasn’t received their username and first password.
  • Please keep in mind that case matters when using a password


I don’t know how to acquire the username or password.

Please get in touch with your child’s school if the parent or guardian has not received or does not know their username and password.

How can I obtain assistance in changing my password?

After successfully logging in, individuals may select My Account by hovering over their name and changing their password. The Forgot My Username or Password tool will send you an email message with information on how to reset your password if you can’t remember either your username or password. In the absence of an email, please get in touch with your child’s school.

What should I do if I discover that my contact details are wrong?

On the “Registration” page, it is possible to make direct changes to the parent’s email address. By selecting the “Edit Information” option at the bottom of the “Registration” page, you may access your email and phone numbers. If a parent’s email address is inaccurate, they can amend it. You can update other email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses by getting in touch with your school and requesting them to do so.

Please let your child’s school know if there are lots of pupils in your district and not all of them can access the My Students area.

per week

Contains a rundown of the kids’ schedules, rules, attendance, and homework.

shows the current week’s schedule, homework, and attendance information for a student. The weeks of the past and future may also be seen. Links have been given for seeing grades, other information on specific courses and assignments, and emailing professors.

Browse the class schedule

Click the Days link above your student’s column to see their class schedule for a certain day of the week. For instance, click Monday to view Monday’s classes in the Schedule pane. Duration, time, courses, instructors, and rooms are listed in the window.

Click View entire schedule to bring up the schedule page and see your student’s full schedule. The website includes a list of requests for the following school year in addition to the timetable for all courses for the current academic year. View the Classes > Schedule page subject for further details.

Only the week view screen allows for the viewing of appearance.

look at other weeks.

Use the arrows to go ahead or backward one week at a time in order to reveal the week view for further weeks. Click Today to get back to the current week.

Show course materials for the current average

The current average is shown in one column if specified by the district.

Click on the link for Average to see the assignments and grades that make up the average.

Show course information

Click the Details link in the Class column to open the Course window and get more information about the course. The course, structure, division, instructor, classroom, and time allotted for class, day, and marking period are listed in the window. The course list is used to get the course information.

Display assignment information, including the student’s grade and overall grade.

Click the Task (Untitled) window’s Assignment Details link to bring up more information about the assignment. Courses, assignments, categories, due dates, total marks, weight, additional credits, and information are listed in the window. To get a tooltip with a summary of the assignment data, move the mouse pointer over the assignment. Note: If an attachment is available, it is indicated in the tooltip and linked to in the tooltip. If applicable, the window also shows score and qualification data.

contact the course instructor

If a teacher’s name shows as a link, click the teacher’s name in the Class column to send an email to them. The address of the teacher is visible in the To box of your email.


Along with details about student scheduling and assignments, the calendar shows a month’s worth of events and activities. The type of information presented may be customised using the checkboxes, and there are options to switch the calendar between week and daily views. The months of the past and the future may also be seen.


Month View: This option shows a month-by-month breakdown of students’ attendance, with a toggle allowing access to all months of the current academic year. The kind of look that is being shown is identified by a colour legend. Utilize the arrows to go from month to month. Detailed attendance data will appear when you hover over a date. Note: When enabled, attendance alerts will be delivered to the specified email address.


Classwork – Shows assignments for the course, along with their categories, due dates, potential points, grades, and any attachments for gradebook tasks that are available in the classroom. If there is an attachment, it is indicated in the tool tip and accessible via the link. Note: When enabled, attendance alerts will be delivered to the specified email address.


IPR – Shows the student’s most recent interim progress report, which is based on data from the IPR data warehouse and includes courses, grades, absences, and comments.

Information from the student’s most recent report card run is shown on the report card. Other reporting periods may be chosen from the drop-down menu if they are offered.


The student’s basic demographic data, including date of birth, gender, grade, building, house/team, and counsellor, are displayed on the Demographic tab. Contact information, student and parent addresses and phone numbers, medical emergency information, transportation information to and from school, and sensitive information from the Personal page may also be shown.

Parents have the option to modify email addresses but not phone numbers. Users who are parents can only alter the fields that apply to them and their student(s). For instance, the Guardian cannot edit an emergency contact record; however, parents can contact the school to make adjustments. Select Save to finish modifying the record and save it.

– My Alerts (Once enabled by District) Parents and kids can subscribe to My Notifications and modify the settings for the kinds of email alerts a student gets. Hover your cursor over your username in the Home Access Center banner and choose My Alerts to show this page. Parents and kids must sign up for Alerts at HAC and have a working email account in eSchoolPlus in order to receive notifications.

Parents and children can adjust the HAC challenge questions that are used when a user forgets their password using My Account.

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