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When I went to google and looked I found that there is no version of Cookie Clicker Unblocked available on any website so I have now all versions of Cookie Clicker for gamers Cookie Clicker Unblocked, Cookie Clik.. 2 Unblocked, Cookie Clic…3 Unblocked, Cookie Cli… 4 Unblocked, Cookie Cli… 5 Unblocked You can easily play all of us on this website

Cookie Clickers 1 Unblocked Game – Play Now

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What Are Cookie Click Unblocked & How To Play  Cookie Click Unblocked

Cookie Click 1 to 5 Unblocked is a game about clicking a cookie it’s simple at first but gets increasingly complex with the late-game meta has elaborate strategies to maximize cookie production to unlock all of the upgrades and achievements and uncover the deep law of the grandma apocalypse the crumb lore dragon and the mysteries of the cookie universe, in the beginning,

you click the cookie which gets you one cookie you click again and you’ve got two then three with 15 cookies you can buy a cursor that clicks for you making cookies automatically 10 cursors make one cookie per second or one CPS

so you make more cookies to buy more cursors to make more cookies and then for a hundred cookies you buy your first grandma this kindly old woman performs unpaid labor to grow your cookie business your cookies become popular in the neighborhood then renowned all over town production accelerates exponentially you buy cookie farms to grow cookies mine’s to extract cookies from the earth factories to produce cookies on an industrial scale the cookie economy

transforms the world around it chocolate pollutes the rivers there’s an obesity epidemic but the world is too hooked on cookies to stop economists say that cookies permeate the economy and if we start eating anything else we’re all dead cookie banks start using cookies

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