After the 2001 Tech Apple event, what secrets did Apple hide at every event?

Apple’s Steve Jobs always does an event before launching a mobile and the event was started by Steve Jobs to introduce his product to the market, he gives most of his speech during the Apple event, the presence of Steve Jobs is so popular. That’s why his fans called him “Apple Notes”, and he told that whenever he launches something, he sends a colorful note to the media with the tagline of Apple.

It is like a surprise, sometimes they tell in clear words and sometimes they do not and their simple meaning is that the message they are giving, the user should interpret it himself, that’s why he gives a tagline.

According to chiangraitimes it’s compiled the taglines of all Apple events since 2005 so you can see what the clues were, what products were announced, and what Apple probably meant.

The information we are going to give you has been taken from chingraitimes and the credit goes to them only.
Apple Event October 23.2001: ‘Hint: It’s Not a Mac’
Despite the fact that the tagline tradition began in 2005, it’s not to mention one of the most memorable Apple events ever: the introduction of the iPod. Like any other device, the iPod set the stage for what Apple would do in the second Jobs era.

It seems clear (in retrospect) that the company will venture into previously undiscovered territory with a tagline like “Hint: It’s not a Mac.”

What was announced:

Everything changed at the Apple Event on September 7, 2005 when you had 1000 songs in your pocket. It is time for another round.
Apple marketed the iPod with a slogan that said “1000 songs in your pocket.” The direct link to the 2001 tagline indicated that iPod technology would develop significantly.

What was announced:

ipod video
iMac (with iSight)
iTunes 6
Apple event on October 19th. Latest Apple Pro innovations unveiled
There is no doubt about that. During the event, Apple showcased its high-end range of computers aimed at professionals. Apple announced the PowerBook at this event for the last time before discontinuing it the following year.

were declared:

PowerBook (with high-resolution display)
power mac g5 quad
power mac g5 dual
September 9, 2009: ‘It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.’
Another music-themed invitation to an iPod-heavy event. The tagline carries over to The Rolling Stones’ 1974 song “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)”.

What was announced:

iphone 3gs
iPod nano (fifth generation)
iPod touch (3rd generation)
iTunes 9
Apple Event 15 September 2020: ‘Time flies by.’
For the announcement of the Apple Watch SE, the time reference was included in the design.

What was announced:

Apple Watch SE
apple watch series 6
iPad (eighth generation)
iPad Air (4th generation)
Apple Fitness+
iOS 14
Apple Event: ‘Peak Performance’ will take place on March 8th. 2022
Despite the grammatical error in the event’s name, Apple claimed it would give journalists a glimpse at some of its most powerful devices.

What was announced:

mac studio
Apple A15 Bionic
Apple M1 Ultra
iPhone SE (3rd generation)
iPad Air (fifth generation)

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