16 Cool Amazon Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

today we’ve prepared a list of 16 Cool Amazon Gadgets That Are Worth Buying and inexpensive devices

1) Xiaomi Mi Robot: 


create your own robot yes you will need to break a sweat assembling about 1086 small components but the result is worth you will have your own personal Robo friend it will listen to you by recognizing various voice commands such as forward stop back turn right and many more it can overcome multiple obstacles thanks to its caterpillar track in short of creating and playing with this robot will be very fun

2) Ziiiro Smart Watch:

next on our list is the zero watch with the design that is just unreal its face is utterly mesmerizing have you figured out how to tell time with those flying comments it’s easy the end of the middle line shows the current hour and the outer line shows the minute the watch has a quartz mechanism in a steel case this gadget definitely deserves your attention

3) Iron Man Swing Steel Balance Toy Balancing Man:


if you urgently need to relax your brain the balancing man won’t rush to help but be careful you could be here for a while as you watch him balance on his stand you feel like he’s right about the fall but he never does no matter how hard you try to make him by the way you can also put them on your  hand and he does great there too you can choose a figure according to your taste the balancing man on one or two legs balancing on the legs of a chair and a bicycle or even on a helicopter go to the link where we’ve collected many different models to fit any taste

4) Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse: 

Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

if you are in search of the ideal Mouse then you must take a look at this vertical model with this device you can forget about the uncomfortable feeling in your wrist during long battles on the computer or fast approaching deadlines at work holding the mouse feels like holding a cup of coffee they have identical wrist positions and spatial orientation it will be difficult to get used to but it’s worth

5) The SQ11 Mini Camera: 

it next on our list is the toy mini camera it looks like it doesn’t mean business in fact this little gadget is powered by a 200 milliamp hour battery allowing it to continuously record 100 minutes of video onto a micro SD memory card but the main advantage of the camera is its small size and it happens to not be classified as spike here but we didna say anything about that okay

6) The Waterproof T-Shirt: 

do you want to prank your friends put on this seemingly ordinary t-shirt and in the midst of the party as if by accident spill a bottle of water on yourself congratulations you’re now the center of attention the drops of water turn into little beads just roll down and off your shirt the shirts fabric does not get wet meaning that you don’t have to wash it as often as your other clothes looks cool doesn’t it

7) Magic Sand:

here’s another waterproof gadget magic hydrophobics and even after it is submerged underwater it remains dry not losing any of its free flowing properties the secret lies in the unique water repellent coating that is added to the sand grains it looks fantastic and will make an excellent gift for any age

8) Mini Finger Bike: 

Mini Finger Bike

can’t imagine your life without bike tours now even in bad weather you can pedal even a bike toe finger mini bike looks like a real one but you can control it while sitting on the couch using your fingers in your wild imagination the bike is made of metal with all the necessary parts everything turns and works just like a real bike there is even a set of personal tools and fall of a sudden there will be a breakdown on the way and you need to get to urgently twist the chain or put the handlebars in place you can use the toolset cool idea right

9) Kitchen Strainer Colander-nozzle “Sieve-clip”:

Kitchen Strainer

the next gadget is designed to simplify the cooking process the one who came up with this clever nozzle probably got burned from steam more than once and when he drained the products all it is required s to secure the clip to the side of the pot and now you can forget about the intense drainage of water from a pot through a lid or a towel

10) Plastic shoe stand: 

if you walk into your apartment and it seems that a centipede lives there then this device will quickly put things in order in your corridor with the help of it even a large number of shoes can be compactly and correctly placed on shelves each pair will be isolated from the other being in a separate one of such shoe stand and in disassembled form this device can be used as a stand for everyday shoes

11) The dancing speaker Dancing Dog:

look at your columns at home and now look at this dancing column in the form of a dog your gray brick on the table looks boring right this Bluetooth column dances to the beat of music wagging its tail and moving its paws which is one voice command it works and raises your mood two and one and by the way, if you’re a supporter of grey bricks then at least take note of the dog is an idea for a gift it will surely be a delight to both adults and children

12) Scooper for poop: 

this gadget should be used for every dog more precisely by its owner was such a device for poop you can become a star of the yard and introduce a new correct fashion for order and cleanliness in your city it’s easy to use you just need to press the lever on the handle lower the open gadget release the lever and throw the bag with the contents into the trash and yes it’s not at all shameful to clean up after your pet it’s shameful to pass by and pretend that the heap on the lawn looks very harmonious

13) Head Massager:

if you already know this miracle massager isn’t it cool if you do not know it yet then order yourself this pleasure for a very funny price by the way this is not just for yourself a domestic pet will forget about food and sleep if you scratch it with this thing a massage like this is not only very pleasant but also useful in the process of head-scratching capillary blood flow improves muscles relaxed tension disappears and oxygen supply to the head increases try it

14) The smart light bulb: 

this light bulb can build an ambient light in your room a lot VW sunset or a courageous disco the smart light bulb is controlled by a smartphone allows you to pick any of the 16 million colors and set an excellent lighting outline the temperature scale of this bulb is from 17 to 6500 Kelvin it owns an e 27 socket which is suitable or a regular chuck in one word it’s up to you to push the button on your smartphone and enjoy the atmosphere

15) The stapler without staples:

can you imagine it a stapler without staples the tiny gadget grips together sheets of paper themselves with itself you need to view it as it’s difficult to explain but it’s worth a try your buddies are hardly familiar with such an advanced stapler and you can surprise them with paper magic and of course it does its primary purpose quite well the sheets are firmly sticking to each other

16) The USB Hub with the mouse holder:

introducing a smart USB hub from the Oh Riko brand and a shape of a scorpion in addition to the unique design this gadget posts four ports and a completely removable rubber Mouse cable holder additionally owing to the soft touch coating on the top of the gadget it looks expensive

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