15 Coolest amazon gadgets that are worth buying

15 Coolest amazon gadgets: In this article, we list down the 15 best Amazon gadgets that are worth buying

1. Electric skateboard:


anti-gravitational skateboard from the movie Back to the Future Part two when they remove three wheels from the good old skateboard and left one large in the center of the board it turned into this mega cool electric skateboard it’s very simple to drive it by tilting forward and backward or from side to side yeah it doesn’t fly like a skateboard from a movie but it looks much cooler especially when you go for an evening walk with friends what do you think this gadget is for here’s

2. LICKI Brush:


big cat with a huge tongue brush by inserting this device into your mouth and holding it with your teeth you can lick your cat in the literal sense of the word your cat will be happy with such care and you won’t be afraid of fur in your mouth your relationship with your cat will move to a real cat level you’ll become closer than ever

3. A puzzle box with a secret:


each of us has his own secrets either small or large and they need to be carefully stored for example in such a wooden box, after all, it is impossible to open it without knowing the secret of this tricky design the box consists of three parts that are tightly adjacent to each other and to open it you need to do the following first get a small bar on the side then pull out a small element that holds the main secret compartment and only now you can access all your treasures

4. A Robot lizard:


and this gadget after a fascinating process of assembly turns into a living lizard right before your eyes now almost alive into a robot lizard just like the real one it’s able to open its hood in case of danger scare enemies with an open mouth and even blink its eyes the lizard is equipped with an infrared sensor and has two behavioral programs the first one is a panic escape the second one is an attack and yes it doesn’t bite do

5. Silicone shoelaces:


shoelaces which constantly come untied as if they live lives of their own annoy you also there is a decision you can buy silicone shoelaces you do not even need to untie them you can take off and wear shoes with these because these laces are very elastic I think you’ll also be pleased with the wide range of colors of these shoelaces you can experiment with the ways of lacing or just combine different bright colors just look how easily and quickly you can solve the problem of tedious lacing

6. LEGO truck:


leggo trucks is a super gift for anyone from 11 to 111 years old don’t be afraid of the 2.5 thousand details once you start you can’t stop after a full assembly you can enjoy driving your own truck though it is a toy the body of the truck the engine stabilizers everything works for real what a great training for fingers isn’t it

7. The smallest drone:


this mini drone with remote control will easily fit in your pocket why do you need such a small quadcopter the answer is obvious it’s cool yes it can only carry lightweight in small objects but its main function is entertainment if you feel bored take a mini drone out of your pocket and you can hone your skills or fly around the road

8. Honor 10 smartphone:


Have you been dreaming about a new phone for a long time Huawei honor 10 will definitely surprise your friends with its frameless design and cool gradient color in addition to this spectacular appearance this smartphone has a high-performance eight cords CPU frequency of 2400 megahertz dual 16 and a 24-megapixel main camera with a powerful flash front camera a 24 megapixel 6 gigabytes of RAM available to choose from 64 or 128 gigabytes of internal memory a perfect combination of functionality and super high-quality selfies follow the link to read more about the honor 10

9. Magnetic cable:


it looks like a normal wire but you should never judge anything by its appearance in fact it is a dual device that consists of a micro USB plug and the cord itself is equipped with a magnet more simply these two parts will instantly connect into a charger when approaching each other now you don’t need to aim even in the full dark you can quickly and also effectively charge your phone

10. Salt shotgun:


now you will learn the most original way to get rid of flies fly swatters are in the past now you can kill insects sitting quietly on a chair with a gut and correction assault shotgun the most important thing is that everyone in the kitchen has cartridges for the gun it’s enough to charge the gun with simple salt and you can go on a fun hunt surprise your neighbors in the countryside they just have not seen this

11. Magnetic Lego set:


are you tired of collecting a standard Lego you want something new there is a way a magnetic set this is a set of small magnetic sticks and non-magnetic metal balls that can be easily assembled into three-dimensional or flat structures you take a ball and stick sticks to it just like that alternating balls with sticks you can create a strong and unusual construction working with the set is easy and it is also not difficult to disassemble your masterpiece enable your imagination and go on

12. Steel wool:


steel wool is next on our list it consists of metal wires with sharp edges which are assembled into sheet pliers that are very thin and the wool is vaguely reminiscent of a coarse sponge to scrub pots and pans what is it for in fact if you set it on fire you will see a real fire range, for this reason, it’s often used in fire shows because when burning the steel wool looks impressive

13. Rear view mirror for a bike:


and this gadget will definitely be interesting for fans of cycling the bicycle rearview mirror is attached to the cyclist’s hand with a band and allow them to see everything that happens behind him without unnecessary movements this is not only stylish but also an unnecessary gadget for cycling around the city you need only 10 seconds to attach the gadget and now you have complete control of the situation on the road

14. Strawberry extractor:


this is a brilliant and simple invention an extractor for strawberries with help of this Robo strawberry you can easily and accurately remove the stems and course of strawberries it’s simple just press the green button open the knives to the desired size enter the extractor into the berry release the button turn the device and you get a neat hole quickly and without splashing all you have to do now is imagine what you want to fill the berry with will it be cream or ice cream you don’t want strawberries are awesome don’t you

15. A lid for the pan:


probably there is not a single person in the world who has boiled milk or cooked pasta on the stove without boiling the liquid away but he does exist he is the person who has this lid for a pan that does not allow the liquid to boil away and you can also buy it this is a special cover with pedals that rise up under the action of steam and boiling liquid and open a special hole at the bottom of the lid where the contents of a pan falls simply put the foam will stay in the lid without pouring away on the stove and it looks very nice unlike the stains on the stove


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